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    • Aerospace
      KTEC understands the complexities and unique challenges facing the aerospace and defense industry.
    • Laboratory
      We supply a broad range of high purity chemicals, glassware, plasticware, filtration products, safety and lab furniture.
    • Chemical Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
      We make it easy for customers to manage date sensitive material with full lot code traceability.
    • Chemicals
      KTEC stocks analytical grade acids, solvents and standards with custom manufacturing capabilities.
    • Electronic Assembly
      We offer the most complete product line for the electronic manufacturing industry.
    Hybrid Supplier
    KTEC is the channel used by leading manufacturers to provide quality product, on-time delivery at competitive prices.
    Chemical VMI

    Looking for a system that provides complete traceability? We make it easy for Customers to manage date sensitive material with cost savings in mind.


    Electronic tool crib database management software, included at no-charge with every VMI agreement.

    Specialty Materials and High-Purity Chemicals

    • adhesivepanel We provide a broad range of adhesives that include: Epoxy, Silicones, Thermal Interface Materials, Cyanoacrylates, Anaerobics and Hot Melts. Particular attention is given to all date & temperature sensitive materials.

      From the time your order is placed, through final inspection, product traceability is maintained by a lot code database accessible 24/7.

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    • chemicalspanelWe focus on providing customers with the most broadly used commodity, high purity chemicals and lubricants found in major industries today.

      From gallon bottles to bulk deliveries…no request is too small, no requirement too large. Partner with KTEC and experience second-to-none customer satisfaction.

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    • cleaningpanel High-performance cleaning agents that are suitable for use in immersion, spray-in-air, ultrasonic and vapor degreasing equipment as well as manual cleaning operations.

      We supply cleaning agents including: aqueous, non-aqueous, semi-aqueous and vapor degreasing chemistries. 

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    • coatingspanel KTEC supplies a full line of coatings and surface solutions to protect and preserve the products that we use everyday.

      From aircraft coatings requiring superior corrosion resistance to conformal coatings for delicate electronic assemblies, we supply a broad range of products that meet your commercial or military specifications.

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    • sealantspanel KTEC supplies a variety of materials including polysulfide’s, urethanes and epoxy sealants that provide outstanding resistance to aviation fuels, chemicals, petroleum products and extreme temperature environments.

      Products are certified to military, aerospace and commercial specifications.

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    Off the Wire

    • Specialty Denatured Alcohol

      denaturedKTEC permitted to stock and manage pure and denatured ethanol products.

      Specially Denatured Alcohol (SDA) is alcohol to which denaturing materials have been added. Manufacturers may use SDA in the manufacture of any product that is not intended for consumption. Generally, SDA is used in cosmetic products but its use extends to pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, and products where SDA is the solvent or reactant.

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    • BGA Rework Systems Deliver Ultimate Precision

      PDR-ReworkThe PDR IR-E3 and the PDR IR-E6 BGA Rework Systems delivers ultimate peformance and is specifically designed to be ultra-accurate and efficient when repairing today's PCB assemblies.

      Both systems are tool free, gas free, instantly/precisely controllable, clean, modular, upgradeable and produces 100% yield BGA rework without any complications, while offering maximum repeatability.

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    A Good Quote Is Not Just a Good Price


    "We think in generalities, but we live in the details."

    - Alfred North Whitehead

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    Contact Us

    • KTEC
      6935 West Frye Road
      Chandler, Arizona 85226
    • 800.468.5832 or 800.HOT.KTEC