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2.5 Liter Nitric Acid Plastic PPQ Bottle

With the issuance of DOT Special Permit 14656, chemical packagers can now package 70% Nitric Acid in a 2.5 liter plastic bottle without an overpack, in full compliance with 49 CFR, Part 173.158.

The 2.5 liter bottle, manufactured with PPQ resin, provides the chemical packager numerous benefits over glass including safety, high-purity, ease of handling, reduced inventory, and smaller package footprint.

Bottle Features

  • 300 kPa Hydrostatic Pressure Certified
  • 45 mm, Tamper-Evident, Teflon lined Closure
  • Drip-lip pour feature
  • Manufactured with proprietary Clean Air Technology
  • Metallic extractables up to 80% lower
  • High molecular weight PPQ resin with narrow distribution
  • Available in bulk, 1X, 4X, and 6X fiberboard reshippers
  • U.N. Certified 4G/Y28.8/S; DOT-SP 14656

Benefits Over Glass

  • Weighs 80% less than a glass bottle
  • No polystyrene overpack needed
  • Stock item with short lead-time versus current glass ordering requirements
  • Smaller package footprint
  • Non-breakable; eliminates the expense of shatter resistant coatings
  • Nitric Acid liquid and bottle do not discolor
  • DOT/UN Regulation compliant with 2.5-liter maximum capacity
  • DOT Special Permit #14656 eliminates the requirement of a metal can overpack for plastic bottles
  • U.N. Certified 4G/Y28.8/S; DOT-SP 14656

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