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Chemical VMI

Chemical VMI

Looking for a system that provides complete traceability? We make it easy for Customers to manage date sensitive material with inventory management relationships that fully align with cost saving objectives. From order entry to final inspection, KTEC’s internal “Process Configuration” was developed to assure full compliance to customer driven requirement and specifications.

As an AS9120B/ISO 9001:2015 Certified Distributor, our procedures are established and processes defined. The KTEC's VMI database management software, affectionnately referred to as KISS, is flexible allowing KTEC the ability to deliver a customer driven solution at no additional cost.

Complete traceability made easy.

Certification Management

Hard and Soft copy product certifications are available on-demand.

Shelf-Life Management

All date-sensitive material is managed and monitored from delivery to final disposition using the KISS database management program.


Easy to see "Bright Yellow" chemical resistant labels seen below, captures information relevent to managing inventory shelf-life and complete lot code traceability from delivery to final disposition. Custom GHS compliant labels can be created on any repackaged chemical with shelf-life management data, serialization and lot code traceability.


VOC Reporting

Integrated VOC reporting function allows Health and Safety easy access to air quality reportable data.

KIOSK Application

Specific materials at remote locations managed through a live check-out Kiosk application.

Kiosk application


Just-in-Time integrated solutions are built into database management software using the Kanban application.

Spend Analysis

Total spend analysis driven by department, employee, product or program are available for any given date range. This insures that goals are met and hazardous waste is reduced.


Standard reports available: Top 10 Spend, Serial Expiration, Lot Codes On-Hand, Dead Inventory, Transaction Summaries.