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Dispensing Tips

Dispensing tips for a range of fluid, liquid and adhesive materials that come in variety of types and sizes. Types include standard, flexible, tapered, angled, speciality and all metal dispensing tips.


Plastic bottles materials such as HDPE, LDPE, PC, PET, PMP, PP, PVC and PTFE.


Manual and Air Syringes for Dispensing ranging from 1 cc to 50 cc.

Threadlocker Dispensing

Bottle hand pump is a hand-held bottle-top applicator that mounts easily on any Loctite® 250 ml bottle.

Dispensing Equipment

Automated dispensing systems offer sophisticated dispensing capabilities, provide ergonomic relief, repeatability, and control over various materials and fluids. Whether your dispensing conformal coatings, solder pastes, RTV’s, or low viscosity fluids KTEC has a solution for your specific application need.


  • Jensen Global
  • Bel-Art – SP Scienceware
  • BrandTech® Scientific
  • Stockwell Scientific
  • Nordson EFD