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KISS 3.0 | KTEC Integrated Supply Software

Tool and Chemical VMI System

KISS is a live, stand-alone, web-based, Tool and Chemical database management software system with un-matched performance and capabilities.
Transition is made easy using bar code solutions, serialization, custom labeling and integrated Phase-In software. KISS is included at no-charge with every VMI agreement.

K.I.S.S. 3.0 Features

using KISS
  • Manage inventory at multiple sites, locally or globally in real time
  • Access to live data of products in stock
  • Infinite # of stocking locations
  • Multiple Min. On Hand & Reorder points with restocking locations
  • Transaction reports by date, item, employee, department & commodity
  • Hazardous material usage instantly produced for reporting to federal, state or local environmental agencies
  • Labeling & Serialization
  • Cert Management by Lot Number
  • SDS and TDS management by product
  • Remote Checkout Hardware
  • Locking Modular Cabinets available
  • Consignment or Invoiced system


Live data of products in stock at all locations. Transaction/Usage reports are easily generated by employee, department, product ID, date range, program and or category. Shelf-life of products checked out to the floor and disposition reports related to expiration. Hazardous material usage reports are generated in minutes and can categorized by unit of measure, amount or by government agency specific.

point-of-use cabinet

Our Point-of-Use Cabinets

We use the most efficient, highest density storage product available on the market today. Access to inventory is granted via an electronic locking system allowing secured entry to the POU cabinet 24/7 for up to 20 users.


A wireless KIOSK is used to provide remote access to inventory and records transactions that are used for replenishment of material that falls below min levels.

Date Sensitive Material Management

KISS provides full visibility of date sensitive product stocked on the shelves as well as on the manufacturing floor with complete lot code traceability. We have learned with time and experience the process tools required to assure on-hand inventory.

Inventory Usage Analysis

A 100% inventory analysis is reviewed by the assigned account specific CSR. Variables reviewed are bi-annual usage, current inventory levels, min factory orders, lead times and unit of measures. If cost savings can be achieved by adjusting any of the variables, they are documented and reported to the tool crib coordinator or site manager for acceptance prior to implementing.

KISS Analytics

A web-based business intelligence and executive dashboard tool that allows management a quick view of spend and inventory analytics, delivery performance and disposition analysis.

Performance Metrics

KTEC constructs together with the end user, performance metrics that encourage performance improvement, effectiveness, efficiency and appropriate levels of internal controls.