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Lab Supply


Browse our collection of disposable and reusable laboratory glassware. We carry a wide range of glassware in all shapes and sizes, beakers, bottles, flasks, tubes and more in various measurements and thicknesses that can accommodate just about any need.


High quality filtration products including: membrane filters, pre-filtration media, glass fiber, cellulose filters, qualitative and quantitative filter papers and specialty test papers.

Lab Equipment

Hot Plates, Magnetic Stirrers, RO/DI Water Systems, Viscometers, PH Meters and other laboratory equipment and analytical instruments for scientific, quality testing, R&D, and educational laboratories.

Liquid Dispensing

Liquid dispensers for laboratory work and sensitive applications that require absolute precision. Our product line offers affordable, reliable, and durable solutions for dispensing of most laboratory chemicals.


Durable Plastic supplies for every lab application. KTEC offers bottles, beakers, weigh dishes, spatulas, pipettes, containers and just about every other plastic consumable found in a lab. Plasticware made up of materials such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, and more that will withstand a range of temperatures and chemicals.

Materials Testing

Supplies for sampling, shaking, splitting, molding and more that conform to ASTM, ISO, and other standards.

Cleaning and Sterilization

Glassware washers and dryers, sterilizers, autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, and all the accessories you’ll need for your specific laboratory cleaning requirements.


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