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KTEC is a stocking distributor of products used for collection, preparation and storage of field soil samples. Our inventory also includes a wide array of lab glassware and plastic as well as acids, solvents and buffers in ACS and analytical high purity grades. Quantitative filter paper along with disposable syringe filters are also stocked in abundance at KTEC. Effective dispensing solutions are available from point-of-use bottle-top dispensers to stainless steel containers that meet ASME, UN, NSDA-VS-01 and NSF guidelines. Our experience has given us the opportunity to expand into laboratory equipment and furniture offering assistance with design and installation in assay and oil laboratories.

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Sample Soil Collection

brown Kraft envelopes 32# Brown Kraft Envelope with Metal Top Closure. Each bag has a 3/16 wide metal closure which can be folded to seal the envelope. Envelopes are ideal for storing field soil samples.
cloth rock and soil sample bags Cloth Rock and Soil sample bags are made of a woven 3.6 oz unfinished poly-cotton material. All bags have a drawstring closure and 2 x 3” waterproof yellow tag sewn into bags. Tags are marked on one side with standard sample format.
Whirl-Pak sample bag Whirl-Pak sample bags are manufactured from a copolymer polyethylene. The puncture proof aluminum wire tab is used for sealing contents and the white write-on area allows for easy content identification. Whirl-Pak bags can be used for samplings liquids, solids or powders.


KTEC offers a complete line of lab beakers, bottles, flasks, and graduated cylinders. Choose from a line of glassware that offers a more economical value to the unsurpassed quality of borosilicate glass products with “Retrace Code” allowing complete Lot Code Traceability and performance.

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Looking for Plastic disposable labware? KTEC is your dependable source for pipet tips, test and centrifuge tubes, bottles and other plastics used in laboratories.

Assay Chemistry

KTEC provides the chemicals used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of metals and ore. We stock ACS grade acids and offer one of the most cost effective solutions for high purity ACS grade solvents in the industry.


At KTEC we understand that sample preparation can be a critical step in metal content analysis of core samples. We offer ash less quantitative filter paper with less than 0.01% ash content. A selection of grades is available based on performance characteristics such as particle retention, filtration speed and metal content. In addition to our quantitative and qualitative filter line we provide Glass Fiber Filter Media, Syringe Filters, Cellulose Powders and Membrane Filters for applications such as Water Quality Analysis and Soil and Environmental Air Monitoring.

Liquid Handling

We offer a full line of liquid handling solutions, from Bottletop Dispensers, Burettes and Pipettes to Stainless Steel Electro-Polished Bulk Vessels used to manage and distribute high purity chemistry used in analytical labs around the world.

Laboratory Furniture

Designed Delivered and Installed

Whether you’re upgrading, renovating or designing a new laboratory KTEC will help you plan thoughtfully addressing your process, current and future space requirements and selection of the right casework.

We’ll help in being smart about prices associated with MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), which can be a major budgetary factor and important to understand to avoid delays and cost overruns. Fume hoods are the most expensive casework in your lab. We’ll help you manage your fume hoods properly saving money on installation, now and for years to come.

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