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Soldering Accessories

KTEC offers soldering accessories like sponges, tip tinner and tip cleaners to improve your soldering process and increase the life of your products


Desoldering requires application of heat to the solder joint and removing the molten solder so that the joint may be separated. KTEC offers Desoldering tools and materials such as solder wick, heat guns, desoldering pump, Removal alloys & fluxes and heated soldering tweezers.

Soldering Stations

Soldering stations and rework stations for every application. KTEC has Digital and analog soldering stations, single and dual channel stations, temperature controlled and more.

Fume Extraction

For the safety of your operators and working environment, KTEC offers a full line of solder fume extractors. Fume extraction systems are also useful for extracting potentially noxious fumes from the use of certain adhesives and chemicals on the workbench.

Solder Materials

Create a permanent bond between work pieces with soldering materials for every application and regulatory requirement using wire, bar, paste, preforms or alloys


  • Indium
  • Plato
  • Kester
  • Tech-Spray
  • Metcal
  • Weller