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Wire & Component Prep

Wire strippers, crimpers and cable slitter options suitable for every wire and cable application. Insulated models provide enhanced protection from electrical shock where non insulated models provide a more budget friendly option.

Tweezers & Cutters

Variety of general use, specialized and precision tweezers, forceps and cutters.


Hand & electric sanders, polishers, buffers and dust collection systems that can handle a variety of applications.

Power Tools

Grinders, drills, screwdrivers, chipping hammers, nut drivers, riveting guns, wrenches, nail and staple guns for both electrical and pneumatic power supply systems.


  • Aven Tools
  • Excelta
  • Swanstrom
  • Wiha
  • Mirka
  • OK International
  • Cleco
  • Dotco®
  • Lufkin®
  • Apex Tool Group
  • Xcelite®